Newest Gear Unveiled at Expo

  • Stephanie Berryer Jean-Louis
  • Associated Press
  • Sat Mar 3rd 2012

Standing in a pond but your feet stay dry.

Things aren't always what they seem at the Entertainment Technology Expo, covering the latest trends in the ever-changing world of production.

Like this 3D camera, filming attendees in real time.

Held in Los Angeles, California, the expo is made up of top entertainment, technical innovators and content experts, showcasing upcoming media technologies.

Some say this is the place to find the latest innovations in the world of production.

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, Founder and President of Createsphere: "We have world class content creators here today. Producers, directors, visual effects people and cinematographers all gathering to learn about the next in technology and the tools in the trade."

Content creators and managers share the latest trends and products-- including the newest cameras used for film making, post production, and advertising.

Two time Oscar nominatee cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth, shares his point of view as one of Hollywood's most sought after in the business.

Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, cinematographer: "Digital cinema is changing the whole face of our industry in a number of ways. Not only is the technology becoming as relevant as film but it's also opening the doors to a lot of filmmakers and films that perhaps would not have ever been made."

Video demonstrations included the unveiling of the newest digital movie cameras from Canon.

Unlike other digital SLR cameras, the Canon C300 is specifically made for motion pictures.

It might start the size of a small stills camera-- but once multitudes of lens are added-- it grows to four times the size.

Tim Smith, Film and Television Production, Canon USA "...It's our first real digital cinema camera. We've had some real good luck with 5D's and 7D's and HD SLR's being taken into the film world but that really wasn't what they were built for. They had a fantastic look cinematographers loved them. They used them but this one was built specifically based on what they wanted it's not a hybrid camera. It's used especially for trying to create very cinematic moving images."

Another trend is the advancement of workstations.

Now with greater storage and more bells and whistles than ever seen.

The HP Intel Z1 Workstation is the world's first all-in-one workstation and comes in at only 27 inches.

It can be used on traveling movie sets-- or for anyone who wants to create original digital content on the road.

Terry Brown, VP Virtual Market Sales Manager for HP PSG Workstation for Hewlett Packard: "...The workstation is built from the ground up to be used by professionals for content creators, building planes trains and automobiles, digital content so it has the reliability, performance and is the high end quality product that you need in a workstation rather than PC."

The cameras and workstations on display are geared toward Hollywood, but can be used by anyone.

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