Life Normal in Northern Iraqi

  • Mon Feb 25th 2008

(Ebru News/AP) Ground offensive backed by warplanes continue despite the stern weather conditions on the 4th day of the operation targeting PKK terrorists on the Iraqi border with Tuekiye. The northern Iraqi provinces such as Zap and Harkuk occupied  by PKK are now controlled by  the Turkish Army. While the clashes keep going in the uninhabited mountainous regions of  northern Iraq, life in the residential areas seems normal.

On the fourth day of the incursion, the  Turkish Army, which is on alert for any possible counter attack, proceeded to clear the region on the line of Zaho, Begova-Bamerni-Amedi and Syra 15 miles from the border.   Peshmerge trucks are patrolling the area occasionally.

The weather in the area in which the ground offensive was launched under a blizzard is rainy.

Life goes on as normal in northern Iraq where school children set off for their classes.

Turkiye has underlined that the ground operation in north of Iraq is limited to eradicate terrorists that disturb Turkiye.

Turkish government spokesman Cemil Cicek said as soon as the mission is completed, Turkish troops will return back to Turkiye.

Kurds living in the villages are relieved to have seen no harm inflicted on their properties during the fourth day of the operation.

Said one local resident, "For three days I have heard the sounds of the cannons as well as the warplanes which scare me but I know that the pounding takes place in the mountain. Nevertheless, I continue doing my job as a construction worker at the site. Life goes on."

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