Childhood obesity rates fall for first time in decades

  • Femi Redwood
  • Wed Aug 7th 2013

Mt. Sinai Hospital's Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Christopher Ochner, says despite the drop in obesity rates in 2 to 4 year-olds, the numbers are still staggering.

Especially in adolescents.

Dr. Christopher Ochner, Mt. Sinai Hospital: "Ages 5 - 17 where the rate have been double and triple the rate of increase in obesity in adults."

Researchers say obesity rates in preschoolers increased in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

But the states that saw the biggest drops were Florida, Georgia and Missouri.

Researchers say the decline is partly due to changes in federally funded child nutrition programs and initiates to get children moving.

The Little Gym of Brooklyn Heights helps fight childhood obesity before it starts.

Kate Kinard, Little Gym of Brooklyn Heights: "We get in at every young age and instill coordination, core strength, and basically a set of movement that children would not normally get in the outside world. Even from infancy, we're working with muscle memory to make sure they have a wider range of moment to make sure they're moving their body in a gymnastic way."

Program director Kate Kinard says the gym is a great place for kids to run around and get active.

Kate Kinard, Little Gym of Brooklyn Heights: "Gyms like this can thrive. Unfortunately, kids today grow up in a environment that's so much more controlled, it's more physically restricted, therefore they're not developing the physical skills that they might if they were able to climb trees and run around."

She says classes like the Hip hop Karate Chop incorporates fun and a different type of movement into gymnastics.

Kate Kinard, Little Gym of Brooklyn Heights: "We're always making sure there is a fun, silly element, diversity in what we're doing, and it's primarily physical."

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